It is almost impossible to travel without your image being captured on CCTV, be it on motorways, in banks, department stores, high streets, shops and shopping centres, etc. Yet the images gathered from such recordings are often of poor quality for certain purposes, such as identification or the interpretation of actions, making them ambiguous in Court.

It is vital that the utmost is obtained from poor images, to avoid miscarriages of justice. By using the latest image enhancement technology, we can extract the most from your imagery evidence, and produce enhanced video footage to DVD video or still print form, in order to best present your case.

In instances where the imagery evidence is still of marginal quality and doubt exists over identities or actions captured on videotape, we can offer Expert opinion on the recorded material. This can also include facial, body, clothing, vehicle and other object comparisons (mobile telephones, weapons etc.), height estimations, and vehicle speed calculations.

Effective presentational enhancements include: production of video and images to DVD, and highlighting of persons, objects r actions of interest.

Why have this evidence checked?

It is not uncommon for CCTV recordings to be “over-interpreted”. This may include descriptions of actions that simply cannot be seen, but are believed to have happened, or description of objects, clothing or people that include details that simply cannot be seen. This type of evidence can often be put into context by means of enlarged still prints, or enlarged CCTV sequences to DVD, which objectively demonstrate exactly what can and cannot be seen.

Services include:

  • Analysis, authentication, enhancement, and interpretation of video and other imagery
  • Body mapping
  • Clothing comparisons from images
  • Digital enhancement of video & other images
  • Edited compilations produced from CCTV recordings
  • Enhanced images produced onto DVD or photo-quality colour print
  • Facial mapping / facial comparison
  • Height estimations from images
  • Object comparisons from images, including clothing, mobile telephones, weapons etc.
  • Slowing down of time-lapse video recordings
  • Sub-titling of video material to aid presentation or assist with videos with poor audio
  • Tracking and highlighting of individuals, map superimposition and mosaicing
  • Vehicle comparison / identification from images
  • Vehicle speed estimations from CCTV recordings
BFS Forensic Science Services - CCTV / Imagery Evidence