Transcripts of audio recordings, whatever the source, can be of great importance evidentially. However, it is crucial that they are accurate, as arguments can (and frequently do) ensue over the meaning of a single word.

When that critical audio recording suffers from poor intelligibility due to adverse recording conditions, for example, background and system noise, enhancement may help immensely with the ability to produce fast and accurate transcripts, which would be invaluable in the verification of existing transcripts and the interpretation of ambiguous words.

Robert Butler ForensicsĀ has the technology and experience to enhance difficult audio recordings and thus perform the tasks of transcript production and verification.

Why have this evidence checked?

It is not uncommon for difficult audio recordings to be “over-transcribed”, often portraying what is believed to be said, rather than what can be actually heard. It is important to put forward a fair, objective presentation to the Court, rather than a subjective interpretation. This may include enhanced and looped clips of disputed words.


  • Authentication of audio recording evidence
  • Enhancement of audio recording evidence
  • Production of edited copies on tape, CD or DVD for Court presentation
  • Salvaging, repair and restoration of damaged tapes
  • Speed correction
  • Transcription of audio recordings
  • Transfer of audio recordings from their original format to compact cassette, audio CD or DVD video as appropriate
BFS Forensic Science Services - Authentication