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Legal Aid work welcome – quotes provided for Prior Authority upon request

BFS Independent Forensic Services - Authentication


The examination of evidential media for indications of editing, manipulation or other forms of tampering

BFS Independent Forensic Services - CCTV Evidence

Audio Evidence

Enhancement, editing, authentication, repair and transcription of audio recording evidence for Court presentation

BFS Independent Forensic Services - CCTV/Imagery Evidence


Analysis, authentication, enhancement, editing, interpretation, facial/body mapping, height estimations, vehicle identification and speed estimation

BFS Independent Forensic Services - Facial Mapping

Facial Mapping

The objective comparison of facial images in order to determine the likelihood of identity and the reliability of identification evidence

BFS Independent Forensic Services - Trace and Electronic Evidence

Trace and Electronic Evidence

Traditional forensic blood/DNA, fingerprint evidence and crime scene examination, and modern electronic evidence such as: mobile telephone, cell site and computer analysis


Case Study

A genuine, representative case study based on CCTV identification evidence and facial mapping

BFS Independent Forensic Services - Testimonials


A selection of extracts from genuine letters from satisfied customers

BFS Independent Forensic Services - CV

Curriculum Vitae

Summary of forensic expertise and courtroom experience

BFS Independent Forensic Services - Contact

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“The Crown accepted a not guilty plea from the client this morning. Many thanks for your excellent report and look forward to working with you again soon.”

“I write to advise you that, following receipt of your excellent report, the Crown offered Mr. … the opportunity of pleading guilty to an alternative charge of … he accepted the Crown’s offer and no evidence was offered in respect of the allegation of ….”
“Thank you very much for the work you did on my case of … When I served the enhanced CCTV on the CPS they discontinued the case so I now have a very happy client!”

Legal Aid work welcome – quotes provided for Prior Authority upon request

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The Director and Audio, Video & Imaging Expert, Mr. Robert Butler, specialises in the following areas of Expert Evidence:

  • Audio: Analysis, Authentication, Enhancement and Transcription
  • Video / CCTV / Image: Analysis, Authentication, Interpretation and Enhancement
  • Facial Mapping / Facial Comparison / Body Mapping / Height Estimation
  • Vehicle Comparison / Vehicle Identification from Images
  • Vehicle Speed Estimation from CCTV

We can also refer you to trusted experts in other fields, such as fingerprints & crime scene examination, and computer & mobile telephone analysis. We do not charge for this service, nor obstruct the process by acting as middleman, but offer it as a complimentary service for the benefit of our customers.